Monday, June 23, 2014

Pretty Side Tables get a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Makeover!

I call these my splurge tables! I've never paid so much for side tables before, but I fell in love with the harp base and rose detail. My husband would never want anything this feminine in our home, so it was especially fun to be able to work on a style of furniture I love but wouldn't ever have in my home. 
These tables were meant to be painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I went with Paris Grey and was really impressed with the coverage! I've been working on some MCM dressers in white and even though I primed and primed and primed, I still had a hard time getting them white, so I was nervous this color wouldn't cover that well. (Save that for another post) thankfully two coats gave me solid coverage. I wanted more texture, so I mixed up some pure white with Paris Grey and water and did a quick wash over the entire piece. I just brushed on then wiped off with a rag. 

They were lovely before, but I think having them painted is a beautiful update. 

Here's after just one coat of paint!

I mixed Antibes Green with Duck Egg Blue till I got a green shade I liked. I used a small brush to paint the leaves, it only took one coat. Then I mixed Henrietta with pure white for the rose. Again, one coat and it was good to go. I used my "wash" mixture over the flowers and leaves. 

Next step was to distress the entire piece. I used a wet rag to distress along with a sanding block. After wiping it down, I used Minwax in clear to seal the entire piece. I'm always a little nervous using dark wax, so I made sure the parts that I would use the dark wax on were really well coated in clear 
wax first. I kept my rag for clear wax on hand in case I needed to pull off the dark wax in a hurry. I used Maison Blanche dark wax because that's what I had on hand. 

Looks a little scary at this point, but thankfully it wiped off nice and just settled into the cracks giving it a beautiful aged look. I used a brush to apply it to the details, waited a minute and then gently wiped it off. 

I did the same in all the recessed detail to add that aged look. Buffed it all out with an old rag to get a nice sheen, put the gorgeous marble tops back on and now they await a new home! Would love to see where these beauties end up. 

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eastlake Table gets a Milk Paint Makeover

Hello! I'm gonna keep this post really short as I forgot to take photos during the painting process. Oops. 
There's not a crazy amount to share anyways, so I know you'll let me off the hook ;)

Here's a "before" picture. It had quite the varnished finish so I used my orbital sander where I could and a sanding block on the rest. I was planning on using Milk Paint and even though I sanded, I had a feeling I should use some bonding agent mixed in with my milk paint. I may not have needed it, but I didn't want it crazy distressed so I added it for good measure. 
I used The Real Milk Paint Co. in the color Union Blue. It's a really beautiful, rich, masculine color. I did two solid coats. I had minimal "chipping" but it did distress nicely. 
I used Minwax Special Dark Wax to seal the table and again it buffed out to a nice shine...I love this stuff! 
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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Green Milk Paint Table

This petite drop leaf table was begging for a rustic makeover. I headed out to the hardware store in our area that carries The Real Milk Paint Co. to decide what new colors should be purchased. This color is Green. Not really a shade I'm drawn to, but thought it would fit this little table perfectly, plus it's fun to try new colors. 
I lightly sanded this piece and then cleaned it before painting. 

If you're a diyer and after that super chippy look, you really should try a true Milk Paint that comes in powder form. It's so easy to use and in a lot of cases practically does the hard work for you. I painted 2 coats after mixing equal parts powder to water. I didn't add any bonding agent because I wanted it to be chippy. 

As you can see from the above picture, the paint starts to pull away as it's drying. In my experience, it's random and really unpredictable, which is one of the things I love about a true Milk Paint. Once my second coat was dry, I took a fine grit sanding block to the entire table. Like I said, it really does the work for you at this point. The paint decides where it will chip off and be distressed. Easy peasy! The paint stuck a bit more to the top where I sanded better to get rid of some of the nicks. So I did have to sand a bit more and decide where I wanted distressing. 
I used Minwax in Special Dark to enrich the color and seal the Milk Paint. It went on beautifully and buffed to a nice shine. This was my first time using Minwax in Special Dark. I was really happy with the way it went on and buffed out. I will definitely be using it on future projects. 
This little table has a new lease on life and is ready for a new home. It's now available at The Design Cottage in Tacoma Wa. 

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mid Century Modern Hutch~ no paint necessary.

This is actually a "furniture painting" blog. However, it just so happens that some really great pieces, that in my personal and humble opinion should not be painted, have come my way. I have such a love for mid century modern pieces! I have painted MCM  pieces for a variety of reasons, however, this is teak and in really good condition, therefore no paint needed!

Like I said, great condition considering it's age and was obviously a well loved piece, since they had it custom made for themselves. This thing is SO well constructed, solid and heavy! So much so that apparently they decided not to move it when painting their walls because I had to get off white paint splatter marks on both sides. It was imbedded in the grain so I found that a razor blade was the best thing to scrape out the paint with. After I cleaned it up and got all the paint removed I got out my trusty Restore-A-Finish.  Do you use this product???

It's AMAZING!! Seriously, it's the best! Comes in tons of colors, I used Mahogany on this Hutch. It's the easiest stuff to use and makes those scratches and dings look so much better if not completely erasing them. 

Look at the top after using Restore-a-Finish! If you want to freshen up any of your wood pieces you have at home, just get the right color finish, wipe on with a rag and be in awe of its restorative powers!

I wish I had nice staged photos of this piece, because it really deserves it, but like I said this thing is HEAVY and we ran out of time before bringing it into The Design Cottage in Tacoma Wa. where it can now be purchased. 
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

American of Martinsville Side Table gets a General Finishes Makeover

I picked up this cool mid century modern side table at a Goodwill the other day. I was immediately drawn to the legs on this piece. The top was pretty roached out, but I was hopeful it could be sanded down and refinished. 

I already started sanding the nastiest part when I remembered to take a photo. You can still see it was gross. I started with 180 grit sandpaper using the orbital sander then went up to get a nice smooth finish. I used sanding blocks to sand that lower ledge that I also wanted stained. 

Here's a before after I had finished sanding. Great legs right!? 

I used one coat of General Finishes Java Gel Stain on the top and ledge. I use an old washcloth and wipe it on in the direction of the wood. I don't use much, I'm basically wiping it on and then wiping it back off.  I did this in the evening and by the next morning it was ready to go. I could have done another coat to get a more uniform finish, but I really like the variation in the wood so I left it. 

I think it looks really pretty and the inlay is a nice touch too. Next I taped off the bottom edge. It's a good idea to run some clear poly along your tape line to prevent bleed thru. A trick my momma taught me :) 

I used General Finishes Milk Paint in the color Klein Blue. I LOVE this color and think it looks especially good on MCM furniture. It took three coats to get solid coverage. I used a high quality sash brush. I used Johnson's Wax to give this piece added protection, one coat over the painted surfaces and several coats over the stained wood. 


The inside of the drawer was a little icky so I used this black/grey/gold  handmade paper I had left over from another project  to line the drawer. After cutting it to fit I used a spray adhesive to glue it in place. 

I wanted more substantial knobs for this table than the originals. I happened to have these hammered gold knobs on hand from Hobby Lobby and thought they would be perfect against Klein Blue. 

This was a really fun and easy project thanks to my General Finishes Products! I highly recommend their products. I haven't used all of them, but what I have used, I've been really impressed with. FYI, I in no way get compensated for my good review of General Finishes products. I paid retail price for my materials. I just really like this product and wanted to share. Of course, if they did want to send me product I wouldn't decline ;) 

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